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can I have all of these

Omg bedrooms. Bedrooms are my favorite room(s) of the house.

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If you can’t find a place on your blog for Patrick Stewart in a bathtub dressed like a lobster, then your blog probably doesn’t deserve such majesty anyway.

This is why my boyfriend wants a chameleon.


More and more people are turning away from grocery stores and utility companies in favor of their own back yard. The idea of becoming self-sufficient is an alluring one, but exactly how much land would you need? Assuming a family of four, here are the land requirements to sustain yourself for one year. (via How Big A Backyard Do You Need To Live Off The Land? |

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This is exactly my dream

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J.R.R Tolkien, looking at flowers.

Apparently people hated to go for walks with him because he would stop and look at every tree for like 20 minutes.